How to decompress .tar.bz2 file

Normally, I would bunzip the file first, then untar it next. But I found something after googling for a shortcut: it can all be done with just one tar command.

$tar -xjvf example.tar.bz2

Notice that, we use j flag to decompress bzip2 file and z flag for gzip file. :)

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8 thoughts on “How to decompress .tar.bz2 file

  1. Scott says:

    thanks Kenno – helped me out of a jam

  2. Alp says:

    Thanks Kenno. I used your help to decompress the RTL drivers for the 945GCLF mobo.

  3. Ragavendra says:

    Thanks Kenno…………….:)

  4. Kenno says:

    You’re all welcome. Keep practicing and you’ll get used to these awesome command lines in no time.

  5. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the line! You’ve saved me alot of time.

  6. podajalniki says:

    Thanks for this one, i didnt have a clue! :)

  7. clearence says:

    It’s only worked on gnu tars. Here are a lot of tars in tars family. I think you should aware of it.

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