Start emacs in terminal-mode

The first text-editor in Linux I ever used was pico. Then I was introduced to emacs and remained using for awhile. Nowadays, vi(m) is my favorite and default text editor of choice. Anyway, the main point of this post is to how to start emacs in terminal-mode instead of graphical mode.

    $ emacs -nw

That’s it. -nw actually does the trick.

Reference: How to get started…

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10 thoughts on “Start emacs in terminal-mode

  1. Michael says:

    How does one make it so that emacs runs in terminal mode by default, without having to suffix each call to emacs with -nw ?

  2. hyperlightz says:

    [...] emacs in terminal mode우분투에 ssh로 접속해서 사용하는 중에 emacs 를 실행하면 아무 응답이 없고 커서만 깜박거리고 있는 경우가 있다.이 경우에는 terminal mode로 사용해야 한다. [...]

  3. Erik says:

    Thanks for the article. I googled for a solution and found it here.

  4. ViMac aka Vic says:

    I want to start using the terminal for Unix Emacs but wasn’t sure where to go..Any help would be great? Thxs :-)

  5. Brixio says:

    What does -nw stand for?
    Or, How can I remember it?

  6. kenno says:

    -nw stands for no window system. You can find out more by running: man emacs. How to remember it? The next time you want to run emacs in a non-window system mode, what option to use? Of course, nw!

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