Pidgin 2.5.5 – cannot connect to Yahoo messenger

I just noticed the abnormality with Pidgin 2.5.5 (running on Debian) these few days — I couldn’t connect my Yahoo messenger account at all. According to the discussion of Bug #389278 it appears that Yahoo was trying to change its protocol.

A quick way to have Pidgin connecting to Yahoo messenger server again is to change the Pager server setting for the Yahoo account in Pidgin.

To do this, from Pidgin:

  • Manage Accounts (Ctrl + A)
  • Select the Yahoo account from the list (assuming you’ve set one up before), and click Modify
  • Click on Advanced tab, under the Yahoo Options, in the Pager server field replace with

Try to connect to Yahoo messenger server again. It worked for me.

Credit: Bug #389278 in pidgin (Ubuntu)


Please cosider upgrade your Pidgin to version 2.5.7. I just upgraded mine and the problem seems to have gone away. Don’t forget to change the Page Server back to

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61 thoughts on “Pidgin 2.5.5 – cannot connect to Yahoo messenger

  1. Xero Yuuy says:

    I’m running pidgin on windows, it’s already using pager server, but still cannot connected since 3 days ago.

    do u have any idea? thx

  2. Xero Yuuy says:

    Umm… im replace to and it’s connected

  3. koole says:

    it works! thanks

  4. i19n says:

    thanks dude.

  5. simon says:

    Thanks. It works like a charm. I have been trying to login for a few days now.

  6. Jimmy says:

    I solve it by change Pager server configuration to IP instead domain name.
    Article & screenshot step by step:

  7. pitiq says:

    Very thanks.. for this infromation…

  8. aditya says:

    work like a charm ….thanx a lot

  9. Yfrwlf says:

    Changing to the Canadian paging server causes Pidgin to crash for me.

  10. Yfrwlf says:

    Yahoo can just fuck off, everyone should switch to Jabber.

  11. nuar says:

    amazingly it works.

  12. Sim says:

    not working for me. my add is at

  13. Sim says:

    it says, valid username…

  14. shavinder says:

    I was facing the same problem and was able to connect with your suggestion. I have been on my wits end these past few days! Thanks!

  15. miguel says:

    omg thanks! it worked!

  16. Yfrwlf says:

    Pidgin just crashes for me when I try it. Maybe I need a newer version, but Yahoo sucks. I just wish Jabber clients would get Jingle support.

  17. piggingirl says:

    Worked great !! Thanks a lot.

  18. shavinder says:

    I am able to connect to yahoo and am able to talk with my buddies but i just discovered I am not able to join any yahoo chat room!!! Are you guys able to join yahoo rooms? Please let me know and tell me a solution if any. Thanks in advance.

  19. bedi says:

    ok it’s work thanks

  20. adhom says:

    thanx a lot, it very helpfull, coz i’m not online for a week… :)

  21. it worked for 5 seconds … afterword it crashed … and it continues to crash on start-up :(

  22. Yfrwlf says:

    @gabriel: I had the same problem, you need to upgrade to the newest version of Pidgin which is compatible with the new Yahoo protocol.

    Ubuntu upgrade is here, other platforms also there too:

  23. Lou says:

    Thanks a lot, the change to worked for me.


  24. Burhanuddin says:

    yeah its work, perfect solution, i can connect pidgin after update my ubuntu. try to change with kopete but can’t connect to. NOW with change to everything ok.

    thanks man

  25. shavinder says:

    Any news regarding yahoo rooms access? I still cant join any room :-( Man this sucks!!

  26. Jeremy Daley says:

    switching to the canadian server crashes pidgin for me as well… and the IP addresses worked once for me, but haven’t since.

  27. simon robertson says:

    Hi. I haven’t been able to connect to the Yahoo chat rooms either. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • godless says:

      Upgrade pidgin to 2.5.7 and don’t forget to change the server back to
      . It worked for me, I was not able to connect room when I used the cn.scs server

  28. tep says:

    It worked, but pics on buddies avatar. help me to configure.

  29. tep says:

    i mean, no avatar picture on my friend list .

  30. Thanks guys, everything was perfect until a few days ago and I made the change

  31. gimmmo says:

    It works thanks a lot!!

  32. Guest says:

    it works. thanks.
    but there is still problem.
    no avatar/pic appears in any of my friends
    in the list. also, i cannot recieve file anymore.

  33. Asif says:

    thanks! it works. :D

  34. shavinder says:

    I just wanted to say please read this
    In brief you should upgrade to 2.5.7 and check if page server is correct as told.
    This properly resolves the issue.

  35. johnny says:

    Thanks for posting this, its been annoying me for some time.

  36. C says:

    Dude, you rock. I’m running Pidgin on a USB drive and the updated version isn’t available yet. I have tried numerous different servers posted on other sites but yours works. Thanks for posting.

    • Kenno says:

      Hey, glad it was helpful. Pidgin on my Debian is a bit messed up now. It worked for awhile after I updated it to 2.5.8. Now, it doesn’t display “protocol” in each account. It’s a bit difficult to verbally describe it. I’ll post the screenshot later.

      Hopefully someone else could help me.

  37. Narayanas says:

    Well the yahoo issues seem almost completely addressed. Modifying the server settings by adding cn solved the problems but temporarily. Now with Pidgin 2.5.8 many of the issues seem resolved: Just in case you forget: After you upgrade to Pidgin 2.5.8, revert to the old server settings! Just remove the ‘cn’ you added earlier, and all will be fine! :-)

  38. Hon tap says:

    Thank you very much. I have the same problem with Pidgin 2.4.3 in Debian with LXDE. The status is always “connecting”. After change Yahoo server address, it works!

  39. Philip Alex says:

    Thank you very much for helping……
    Now thw yahoo messenger is working fine but i cannot enter into any rooms. It showing the room list but when we select a room and click the join button it did not showing anything..please help……

    I am waiting for your reply..

  40. Very thank you buddy, my problem solved. Just install Linux mint 7 today, and lost much times figuring pidgin huhu. thanx again, have nice days ahead, all the best :)

  41. [...] Change the pager server from to, for detail click here. [...]

  42. ted says:

    Thanks this fix worked on Debian/Lenny Pidgin 2.4.3.

  43. zkiard says:

    awesome! >:)

  44. ruman_xyz says: works for me, thx :)

  45. henry says:

    Yeah it fuckin* worked! Thanks man!

  46. Please try with IP Address: – (9 ea) – (9 ea)

  47. ukas2ys says:

    it works in my linux ubuntu BLANKON (Indonesian version of Ubuntu)

  48. Michael says:

    I’m running Ubuntu Linux 8.10 and this fix worked like a charm!

    Thanks! :)

  49. newton says:

    I tried with my pidgin 2.5.2 for alpha 400 netbook…it still sys connecting….and Icnt seemto update it….HELP! PLZ!!

  50. seni says:

    Hasn’t worked for me cuz i am not given the authority to update my’s an office system.if anybody knows what to do so i can go back to pidgin ,kindly help me.i am tired of this mess.

  51. its not even working for me. I have version of Pidgin 2.7.3-1.fc12 (libpurple 2.7.3)

  52. Gabriel Moise says:

    I can’t see the avatars in Pindgin, i’m using ubuntu 10.10. Can someone help me ? I checked the show buddy details. Thank’s !

  53. [...] Change the pager server from to, for detail click here. [...]

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