How to decompress .tar.Z

One way to extract a .tar.Z file:

$ zcat file.tar.Z | tar xvf -

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3 thoughts on “How to decompress .tar.Z

  1. jayenashar says:

    why not tar zvxf file.tar.Z? you should really name your files .tar.gz or .tgz if they are gzipped.

    • kenno says:

      Ahh.. I didn’t know that .tar.Z is the same as tar.gz. In that case, of course tar xzvf file.tar.Z is simpler.Thanks.

      • jayenashar says:

        it’s not supposed to be, but you managed to use zcat, so I assume it’s a .gz (gzip) masquerading as a .Z (compress). if it was really a .Z, you should have been able to do xvf, axvf, Zxvf, -I compress xvf, etc.

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