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VIM backspace delete problem

In insert mode, backpace doesn’t delete characters as intended. To fix it add this to .vimrc:

set backspace=indent,eol,start


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Kill all processes of a user

The following command will kill all processes belong to a single user on Linux.

pkill -u username

Credit: Linux – Kill all processes for a user

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Playing .ass subtitles with mplayer

$ mplayer -ass -sub subtitle.ass file.avi


Change default editor in Debian

# update-alternatives --config editor

There are 7 alternatives which provide `editor’.

Selection Alternative
1 /bin/ed
+ 2 /bin/nano
3 /usr/bin/vim.tiny
* 4 /usr/bin/vim.basic
5 /usr/bin/nedit
6 /usr/bin/emacs21
7 /usr/bin/xemacs21

Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number: 6

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If someone comes and tells you “I can’t login to my Linux box” what would you do?

You can do many things, but one of them has to be:

check the bloody log file.


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