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Relocate the URL of SVN Repository

Recently, SVN has been installed on a local Debian box at work. This could have been done a bit earlier in my opinion, but well it’s better be a little late than never.

The SVN server is accessed via a LAN ip: Because we didn’t setup static IP on the router, the IP of the server keeps changing from time to time. Here’s how one can change or relocate to the new URL.

With command line, just type:

svn switch --relocate OLD_URL NEW_URL

Using Tortoise SVN on Windows:


Credit: How to change the URL of your SVN repository

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HOWTO add user to sudoers list in Debian/Ubuntu

You need to have root access to do that. So the first step to become root with the following command:

ken@debian:~$ su
debian:/home/ken# visudo

Now you can add a username to the list. For example:


Save the file to complete the process.

Credit: Ubuntu Forum

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Vim Tip: Insert Time-Stamp

To insert time-stamp in a file, you can exit from edit mode and type:

:r! date

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