I'm pretty bored today, and I wanna take a break from learning Python. So, I decided to compile an open source game, LBreakOut (L is for Linux), for my PowerBook.

In order to compile this game, you need obviously the source code of the game where you can get it from here. Additionally, you need the SDL library, where you can get it from

Here is the screen-shot of game running on my PowerBook:


The game could be compiled fine, with lots of warnings but no error. However, when I run the game, the high score cannot be saved, and there is one data file could not be loaded. I'll dig around to see the problems later. As for now, it can be played alright… Here is the error message, should anyone know how to fix this:

$ lbreakout
LBreakout 010315
Copyright 2000 Michael Speck
Level Charts by Jean-Philippe Martin
Enjoy the game!
cannot read 'lbreakout.hscr': permission denied...
cannot write '': permission denied...


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