I’ve been very bored, doing nothing interesting, and at the same time my programming skill is no longer as polished as before. I was kinda panic, and then I realize that if I don’t wanna lose the skill, I better continue coding. A while back, I wrote a code that generate the batch-link of website addresses. Example, I wanna grab all the images at a website from: http://www.example.com/image01.jpg to http://www.example.com/image10.jpg. In a simple way, we can just copy and paste, then change the number from 01 to 10. But what if you have to change the number from 001 to 100? Well, it’s gonna be tiresome. But, not if I use the program I wrote- UrlGenerator. It was a console program, written in Java. It doesn’t loo nice (as the matter of fact, it doesn’t have a look).

Today, I created the front-end of the program, written in C# based on the Java code I wrote earlier. I would like to share it with the public, but as the time of writing I don’t have a webspace to upload the file. So, here are the screen-shots of the program:


And this is the About screen:


After clicking the Generate button, this is the result you can copy and paste to your favorite download manager:



In the next version, ‘m planning of implementing the Language option, which allow the user selecting different languages to use with this application. I’m personally very interested in implementing Khmer language first.


2 thoughts on “UrlGenerator

  1. I blindly know how you coded that app.

    My programming skill is also no longer as polished as I was studying 2 or 3 years ago. I’m starting to feel bored with it from day to day.

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