Enable Khmer Unicode support on Firefox

With fresh installation of SuSE Linux 10.1 or openSUSE 10.2, Firefox does not display Khmer Unicode font properly. However, there is a very easy fix, all you have to do is to add the “MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1” to your .profile.

  1. Go to your home directory, then edit the .profile file. I use vi (vi .profile)
  2. Scroll down to the last line of the file and add: export MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1
  3. Save the .profile file, in my case I do (ESC, SHIFT+Z+Z). Restart the Firefox.

Voilla! It’s done and the Firefox should display Khmer Unicode font nicely and correctly now.


14 thoughts on “Enable Khmer Unicode support on Firefox

  1. Chhet says:

    it would be nice if you give more info on how to locate the .PROFILE file that you have mention. I could not find such file. Is it in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox folder?

  2. Hi Chhet, the guide posted above will only work under Linux operating system. To enable the Khmer unicode support on Firefox under Windows operating system, you have to make your whole system to support the Khmer unicode font. Fore more information regarding to this, you could visit http://www.khmeros.info for help.

  3. hello there. Is this instruction good for Mandriva user?
    I just installed Mandriva. First i don’t know where to find the fonts and second, mozilla is located in root directly which won’t give me access from gui. I suspect i can bypass this permission by doing this in konsole under root.

    Any idea?

  4. nsmusic Hi, I hope you have some helps with installing Khmer font by now. Anyway, if you haven’t got the Khmer unicode font installed on your Ubuntu system yet, you can try as the following. As the root, install this package: ttf-khmeros first.

    # apt-get install ttf-khmeros

    somlanh I think you probably can try to apply this method on Mandriva too. You don’t need root access to enable Khmer unicode support for Firefox. All you have to do is the edit the .profile file which is located in your home directory. Try this:

    1. Open konsole as a normal user
    2. Type: nano .profile
    3. Then follow the rest of the instruction from the original post.
    4. Let me know if you still couldn’t get it work. Good luck.

  5. Mak says:

    Kenno: I did all steps that previouse post and you have mentioned but I can not show khmer font in Mozillar browser.

    I am a fresh new to suse linux. I just download and installed, it is the lastest version OpenSUSE 11.1.

    I really need your help.


  6. Mak, unfortunatley I no longer run OpenSUSE. I’m using Debian, and as the matter of fact I’m the maintainer of ttf-khmeros font for Debian (Ubuntu?) system.

    Anyway, I can redirect you to a site where you can get help with Khmer Unicode on OpenSUSE. Please visit KhmerOS Linux Forum. They’re people who are behind Khmer Unicode font. They run OpenSUSE on all their systems. 🙂

    Good luck.

  7. Vathana says:

    i have problem for using khmer unicode on Firefox it dosen’t work with superscrib i ment leg of charactor doesn’t work it shown plus sign (+) under the charactor

    please leaves some advise

  8. HI Vathana,

    Are you running Linux or Windows? I noticed that with new version of Debian/Ubuntu, you don’t have to add anything to your .profile file. As long as you have you installed Khmer unicode font (ttf-khmeros), the Firefox should renders Khmer font correctly.

    Let me know what operating system you’re running, maybe I could redirect you to some other helps.


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