Installing Pidgin on openSUSE 10.2

If you’ve been using Gaim in the past, you probably know that it is no longer available now. The name of the program has been permanently changed to Pidgin. Even though Pidgin has been released for awhile, I’ve been still running Gaim Beta 2 until tonight. Well, not that I don’t want to install Pidgin, I just didn’t know how to do it. I tried to search for Pidgin openSUSE binary package in Google in the past for a few times without any success.

Tonight, while I was maintaining the repository list in my system, I finally could install Pidgin. So here is how you can achieve the same thing.

Add the following repository to the Yast (or Smart) package manager if it’s not already there:

type = rpm-md
name = GNOME-Community
baseurl =

Now, try to search for pidgin in Yast, you should see a list of packages containing: pidgin, pidgin-debuginfo, pidgin-devel, …etc. Please choose a minimum of two packages: pidgin and libpurple and install them. After finish the installation, you can launch pidgin from the menu.


Fig. 1 Pidgin main window

Pidgin Conversation Window


Fig. 2 Pidgin Conversation Window


9 thoughts on “Installing Pidgin on openSUSE 10.2

  1. Alec says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm. I don’t think Pidgin is in the KDE repositories yet, and I wouldn’t have thought to look in the Gnome repositories.

  2. I saw some of my colleagues using Pidgin. It looks great to me but I’m afraid it might lack of some messenger feature.

    Even Kopete still lack some features that Yahoo!Messenger has. But it’s true that Yahoo!M also lacks many features comparing to Kopete:)

  3. Cami says:

    i dont like pidgin as much as aim i only am using it cuz my dad deleted aim and my computer doesnt have enough space to reinstall it

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