Resume broken download with Wget

    $ wget -c

The -c(ontinuous) option allows Wget to resume a partial download.



5 thoughts on “Resume broken download with Wget

  1. Now you can try it. I use KGet in general, but sometimes when I remote login to the school server or my desktop, I need to use wget if I want to download something.

  2. Is it possible to download only a portion of a file using wget? I mean I want to download only the bytes 1000 to 2000 out of a 10000 bytes download – how can I do it?

  3. Jeremy says:

    WebTenet, you should look into the dd command. It can rip through files and get any set of bits that you like. Then after using dd to get the chunk you want, you can use scp or wget to fetch it.

    something like:
    dd if=input of=output bs=1 seek=2000 count=1000

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