Remove Universal Access Preference icon from Gnome panel

One of the advantages of using GNU/Linux operating system is that you hardly have to restart it. I have Debian on my laptop and it’s been running for months, until last night. It crashed and froze. Anyway, that’s not the main point this post was written.

After restarting, I saw this new icon in the Gnome top panel (the third icon from the right):


Well, for the start, I don’t know what it is and I don’t think I will have a need for it either. So I wanted to remove it, but right click on this icon would do nothing. Left clicked on it would give me some setting option, but nowhere does it mention how to remove it.

Thanks to the tip from Ubutu Forum, someone has found a solution. Basically, you need to go the “Keyboard Preferences” and untick the “Accessibility features can be toggled  with keyboard shortcuts“.

The following is the step by step guide:

On Debian, from the menu panel, click on System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (alternatively, you can just type gnome-keyboard-properties from the Terminal)

Screenshot-Keyboard Preferences

Then, untick or uncheck the Accessibility features can be toggled  with keyboard shortcuts and click on Close button. The undesired icon shall disappear.

Credit: How to remove universal access from notification area


26 thoughts on “Remove Universal Access Preference icon from Gnome panel

  1. guillaume says:

    Thanks ! It’s at least a bad interface design ( should right click to submenu, then offer to quit ) at most a bug.

    I’d never have found it by myself ^^

  2. Percy says:

    Thanks, now help me remove that “Network Connection” icon. Not that I’m against Networks, you understand–it’s just an eye-sore.

    • Which distro are you running? If you run Debian/Ubuntu, you can try to remove this package: network-manager-gnome. I haven’t tried this myself, so be warned that your computer may not connect to the network after removing this package.

  3. Boris says:

    Thank you so much this finally helped me to get rid of this icon.
    I even think it made my keyboard crash all the time.

  4. Milango says:

    Thanks for the help. BTW, your post is the first result when searching Google for “gnome universal access preferences”.

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